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tribebohemian Email
July 4, 2013

your URL( if you have your own website):

Where do you live? (City/Country) usa

Favorite Tribe guy: ryan

Favorite Tribe girl: trudy

Hi Stewart, don't know if you remember me and my emails from long ago. Anyway, thanks to your detailed pics and floorplan of the mall, I was finally able to build it for myself in the sims 2. I tried to send you a pdf of the slideshow but it failed to deliver. I just wanted to share it with you since your fastidious work made it possible If you're interested, it can be viewed on my livejournal. So happy this site is still up, it's the best!

Nemesis Email
Jan 15, 2011

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I really love those pictures of Miriama Smith in Shortland Street and was wondering, if you could send them to me so I can use them for fanart making - my current email adress is
I'd of course give credit and sent you the fanart back in return, if you'd like to
- Nemesis

Nov 29, 2010

your URL( if you have your own website):

Where do you live? (City/Country) still in germany lol

Favorite Tribe guy: look at my first comment;D ah and Bob

Favorite Tribe girl: look at my first comment;D and little Cloudy

Here comes my second comment;D i just saw the calendar and wanted to say that it is such a greaaat idea and the calendar looks really amazing!!! that is a really really great idea with the calendar honest!!;D and i like the design of the calendar!! really great work!! cheers!!;D

Nov 24, 2010

Where do you live? (City/Country) a little country called Germany :)

Favorite Tribe guy: Lex/Bray/Jack/Slade/Ram/Mega/Ryan

Favorite Tribe girl: Ebony/Amber/Lottie/Mouse/Zandra/Cloe/Patsy

great website! i really love the pictures about the cast ( e.g. beth chote in the killian curse and beth allen in power rangers;D ) and i love the pictures of the mall;D and the pictures of the places of the tribe all in all i love all the picturees lol;D really nice website;D
And I LOOOOOOVEEE THE TRIBE!!! Keep The Dream Alive!!!

Nov 9, 2010

Where do you live? (City/Country) Sydney, Australia

Favorite Tribe guy: Slade

Favorite Tribe girl: Ebony

The Tribe rox!!
Slade and Ebony are soooooooooo cute together
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